The Directed Study Apprenticeship Program for Pre-Graduate Students.

As the competition for galleries, teaching positions and book publishers attention grows the need for a graduate degree is becoming more essential. This has made the graduate school application process an often competitive, gruelling experience.  This year long program is designed for those wishing to apply to a graduate program in photography.  Working one on one with their advisor students establish a unique curriculum based on their own individual needs to create a successful application to graduate programs.  

This program accepts two applicants a year  |  2015-2016 year TBD

The Directed Study Mentorship

The year long program is designed for those needing to rethink their photographic practice without attending a full fledged graduate degree. Based on the idea that the differences between the editorial, commercial and fine art worlds are becoming increasingly vague the curriculum establishes itself to help students create a body of work that maintains a personal approach to image making regardless of your focus. We are firm believers that there is no need to sell your soul in order to support yourself in doing what you love.  However in order to do so you must create a practice that is pleasurable, long lasting and above all, challenging to conventional thinking. To instill a passion for perception and vision while thinking about what it means to create art today, tomorrow and thirty years from now.

This program accepts two applicants a year  |  2015-2016 year TBD

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